Kevin (kmartinryan) wrote,

A quiz created by Kevin Ryan...

This is going to be a tough quiz, because there will probably be some names that you've never heard of, let alone what connects the two fighters.
Who would win in a fight...

Mitch from Baywatch or Michael from Knightrider:

Count Chocula or Sesame Street's "The Count":

Kevin Sorbo or Fabio:

Lucky Charm's "Lucky" or "The Leprechaun":

Agent Cody Banks or Cody from "Step by Step":

Mick Dundee or Steve Irwin:

Lewis Skolnick from "Revenge of the Nerds" or the dad in Lizzie McGuire:

The Backstreet Boys or Boys II Men:

Eric Roberts or Bruce Campbell:

Sammo Law or Walker, Texas Ranger:

Horatio from "CSI:NY" or Elliot from "Law and Order: SVU":

"The Three Ninjas" or "Surf Ninjas":

Tom Berenger from "The Substitute" or Treat Williams from "The Substitute" 2,3 and 4:

Rockapella or the 3 tools from "Where in Time is Carmen Sandiago":

Ben Kingsley or Patrick Stewart:

Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder:

Captain Jack Sparrow or Captain Planet:

Gary the Happy Pirate or Captain Ron:

Michael Landon from "Little House on the Prairie" or "Michael Landon from Highway to Heaven":

Now I realize a simple one-name answer is the easy way out, but that's not the spirit of the quiz. The spirit of the quiz is to give an explanation for each answer. Have fun with it, I'll do it once some others do.
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