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Something's rotten in the state of Missouri...

I think it's the ottoman. Chopper keeps peeing on it. Vin and Christy have three dogs. Jimmy is the smallest. He's a poodle mixture of some kind. He's a little smaller than a pug, but he isn't obsessed with chewing on socks like some pugs I've met... ahem...

Then there's Angel. She's a skipperkee. At least I think that's what breed she is. She doesn't have a tail, which is weird, but she's alright. She's about the size of a computer printer with furry legs (Sorry, I was looking for something to compare it to, but that seemed the only viable object in the area).

The largest of the three is Chopper. He's an American Bulldog. If you've never seen one, picture Arnold Schwartzenegger as a dog, and it will probably be a close description (mind you, it's got to be Arnold from "Conan, the Barbarian", not so much "Arnold, the Politician"). This dog is gigantic. It's not fat either, it's 100% muscle. I love feeding him doggy treats because when I toss it up in the air, 99% of the time, it lands in his mouth. This isn't because he's particularly skilled, but it's more due to the fact that it's like throwing a pea into a volcano. You can't miss. One thing that is rather nasty is how he slobbers all over the place. "Hey Kevin! That's a nice outfit for your interview. (Slobber!) Why don't you go change one more time?"

I made a mistake this summer. When I was working, for some reason or another, we all started singing the song "Right Thurr" by Chingy. Unfortunately, the only words I knew was, "I like the way you do that right thurr, right thurr". Usually this was followed by a blank look and then a feeling of stupidity. What did I do to solve this? I bought the album and started learning the words. Now it's in my head all the time, and it's just about the dumbest song ever written. Great. See ya.
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