Kevin (kmartinryan) wrote,

Why I am a little upset...

Freaken Judo. I know I'm going to have to settle for it, at least for now. It's not NEARLY as good as BJJ, but BJJ is and hour and a half away, and the instructor wants his students to sign a year contract to study there.

Granted, I'd like to learn a few throws, but the ground fighting in Judo sucks! You can't do any kind of leg locks. That means someone who has studied Judo might be in a situation on the street, and given the proper training, could snap someone's ankle like kindling, but they won't know how. It's so lame. What pisses me off is that it is really my only practical option.

I really hope I get this job at Applebee's. I need money so badly it's disgusting. I have the second interview with the GM on Wednesday, so I'll find out then. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get it. Usually the second interview is a formality. We'll see.

I'm starting to meet people in my class in town which is pretty cool. I know most of the people in my class out of town, and the majority of them are total pervs. At least they're not perving on me. What's bad about it the class out of town is that it is an EMT class, and people feel compelled to tell about various stories that I wouldn't share with anyone. I contemplated giving and example of one of these stories, but I found it in my better judgement to not do so.

It's not all pervs mind you. There are a few, "Mr. Know-It-Alls" who like to patronize me. In this case, I feel an example is warrented, and not nearly as damaging to my public image as a perv one would be. The book in this class is rather graphic, and by rather graphic, I mean absolutely disgusting. This being the case, it's not uncommon for me to exclaim something along the lines of, "This is friggin' nasty". Then some tool chimes in with, "If you think that's gross you're in the wrong class." I realize that an EMT needs a relatively strong stomach, but let's face it, nasty is nasty. My tolerance for nasty stuff can change, but the standard of nastiness is constant. I usually rebuttle with something like, "Whatever! It's nasty, but I'll still get the job done. It doesn't mean I have to enjoy looking at that crap, you necropheliac!" That usually shuts them up.

Welp, see ya later!
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