Kevin (kmartinryan) wrote,

Addicted to TV

I used to think that no one watches TV anymore since the internet got so big. I stand corrected. I am addicted to the following shows:

Survivor: Vanuatu
Law and Order: SVU (The other two aren't nearly as good)
CSI and CSI: NY (CSI: Miami is kind of lame with David Caruso)
Life as we Know it

I think Lost is the best show on television.

As far as movies go, I just saw one of the scariest movies ever. No, it wasn't "The Grudge" (Though I will see it because I'm a Sam Raimi fan). It was a movie called "The Eye". It's a Chinese film that will scare the paint off walls. I think "The Ring" was moderately scary, but not nearly as scary as "The Eye". I highly recommend it.

I admit, I saw "Mean Girls". There were funny parts. That's all I'll give you for fear of my masculinity draining out of my body.

Now normally I wouldn't include two "Chick Flicks" in an entry, but "Love Actually" was worth seeing solely for the Billy Mack character. Priceless. Simply priceless.

Okay, see ya.
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